What are the Kurds to Islam?


We presented an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL, Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...


What are the Kurds to Islam?

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

― Abraham Lincoln

A certain distance can be elapsed by perception operations. However revelation is the fate of reality. Western media is literally presenting PKK/PYD terrorist organization as the “freedom fighters”. According to them this organization represents all of the Kurds. They present it as if a fight against this organization is a fight against the Kurds and they are supporting the Kurds. Turkey’s Afrin operation has also been shown as an operation against the Kurds. Unfortunately this kind of a language has been occasionally used even by the channels like Al Jazeera.

We are presenting an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...


The Kurdish Terrorist Organizations conducting Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds

Whereas PKK has done and has been doing the biggest evil to the Kurds. The majority of over 40 thousand people Turkey has lost because of the PKK terror is Kurdish. PKK started ethnic cleansing of the Kurds who do not like its Marxist/Leninist ideology and terrorism tactics. For this reason millions of people from Turkey’s east and southeast have migrated to western Turkey. With these migrations Istanbul has been transformed into a city with the largest Kurdish population in Turkey. It is fairly meaningful that the people escaping PKK terror have migrated to Turkey’s central regions populated with a majority of Turks instead of Kurdish regions of Iraq and Syria.

Today PKK’s extension in Syria PYD terrorist organization has been conducting a similar cleansing in Syria. As PKK has done in the past, PYD has been driving out Kurds, Arabs and Turkomen from their territories who do not support it because PYD wants to establish a terror corridore along Turkey’s border up to the Mediterranean with the US support. For this reason hundreds of thousands of Kurds have taken refuge in Turkey. Besides the people who escaped Daesh millions of Syrians have been living in Turkey today.

Certainly it is not that there are no supporters of this terrorist organization among the Kurds. However projecting PKK as a representative of the Kurds would be equivalent to call Hitler as a representative of all Germans and Mussolini as a representative of all Italians.

“Why there shouldn’t be a nation-state of the Kurds”?

This frequently asked question in the western media finds an aswer to a certain extent from the Kurdish youths. However the people who ask this question do not ask these questions much: Why there is no separate country for the different races living in 50 US states? Likewise western countries who support all separatist movements in the Middle East do not support independence of Catalonia? In the contrary why did Germany arrest Catalan Independence Leader Carles Puigdemont despite the lack of his involvement in any terrorist activity?

The problem is not that there shouldn’t be a state of every nation but the divide-disintegrate-rule policy. While criticizing the French Revolution Edmund Burke rightfully pointed, ‘it is the one whom glittering concepts serve’.

For example the issue of having a state for every nation and beyond like every principality/emirate/city should have its own state has already been largely tested in our geography. During the Crusades there were many principalities, emirates and city states in the Middle East. Likewise Anatolia itself had also been shared among Turkish governors. The Turks, Kurds and Arabs had been separated into several regions among themselves. Finally what happened? There was almost not a single unoccupied Islamic town during this disintegration. Regardless of why it happens, once a disintegration begins its end will depend on the will of the subjects of this disintegration. A century ago, despite the support of a majority, a segment of the Arabs had entered a similar path under the western influence. There are 23 Arab states right now. The plans for a further disingration of Iraq, Syria and some Gulf Monarchies is being discussed. With this condition the people of Middle East have been living one of the weakest, the most miserable and the most passive periods of their history.

While the experiences are obvious in their most painful and open form the people of the Middle East including the Kurds must talk about integration, unification and sharing instead of more disintegration.

Are the secular Kurds good Kurds?

Pkk terrorist organization being a secular terrorist organization has been deemed worthy of special praise, attention and support in the western media. While Islam and terrorism are being more and more correlated secularized Kurds have been seen as a salvation. Secularism has been introduced as a remedy. This situation is indifferent from a fiction and a perception operation. Because the two great catastrophes faced by the mankind, in which unseen deaths took place and brutalities were experienced the World War 1 and the World War 2 were fought between a majority of secular countries and/or secular ideologies. Fundamentally secular or not imperialism does not have any ideology. Exploitation is exploitation. Therefore the support of western coutries for PKK is not because this terrorist organization is secular but its more usefulness for them. Moreover whether secular or not, any terrorist organization or a state who is detached from social, cultural and religious values and estranged from the society of its origin has to rely more and more on imperialist countries.

Why are all of these distortions being done?

It is said, “If lesson is not learned, history is a repetition”. Today is a reflection of tomorrow, yesterday is a reflection of today.

According to history three founding elements of the Middle East Kurds, Arabs and Turks attained peace and could become a global actor to the extent they could unite. Parallel to their disintegration they faced tears, death and oppression and have been converted into a toy of the global foci of the world. The union of Arabs, Kurds and Turks could hardly stop Crusades. With this association they could liberate occupied Jerusalem under the command of Kurdish Commander Salahuddin Ayyubi and established regional stability. Now some Western centers are trying us again as before. They are trying to attract one of the founding elements of the Middle East on their side who have lived together and have been flag bearers of Islam for centuries. For this purpose they have been trying to establish a Kurdish local countship of the imperial attacks. This role had been assumed by the Chritians and Armenians of the region during the Crusades. Now Israel is playing a similar role to create instability in the region. However for the first time a Muslim community has been desired to be converted into a local sub-contractor of the neo-crusader movements in some countries. To achieve this objective Kurds are desired to follow a Marxist/Leninist organization. For this purpose they are especially being flattered for their role in the fight against Daesh. However the real objective is to plant an anti-Muslim community in the Muslim neighbourhood.

Despite tens of distortions and perception operations a huge majority of the Kurds is well aware of the game and opposes these actions. A thousand year long comprehension of the regional Turkish, Kurdish and Arab people will prevail again and the children of our region will not become sub-contractors of the imperialist, neo-crusader attacks.



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