Can Europe Get Out of the Crisis it has Fallen in?


Can Europe Get Out of the Crisis it has Fallen in?


    Increasing racism, fascism, nazism, Islamophobia and different ways of life in Europe are seen as a threat and although diseases like gradual introversion are discussed over the Muslims and immigrants, we have already touched in our previous articles that actually this crisis has been created by Europe itself.


We are presenting an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...        


Previously, I had likened the process lived in Europe to the February 28 Process in Turkey. (

According to the figures of German Interior Ministry 950 attacks were conducted against the Muslims in 2017 alone (approximately 3 attacks/day) and the current situation has already surpassed that number.

Can Europe get out of the crisis it has fallen in?

For this purpose first of all one has to focus on the reasons of the crisis.

Global uncertainty: The developments in the United States of America, Russia, China, Turkey, India and Latin America are crackling the World order established in the wake of the World War II. This uncertainty is creating a certain amount of strain and discontent in all countries. Traditional alliances and enmities are being interrogated once again. In this perspective relations between the countries are being designed again. The issue based alliances and enmities between the countries are dominating the block alliances and enmities.



Europe and the United States of America could not sufficiently benefit from the Globalization processes. China, India, Brazil and Turkey are the countries who are emerging as bigger gainers of these processes. Therefore some countries led by the United States of America who were previously championing free trade and abolition of customs are defending antiglobalization policies. The failure to insufficiently gain from the globalization processes is negatively triggering economic stagnation, political, social, economic and psychological factors in Europe.

The discourse in the West is being transformed into antiglobalization with a practical speed. This situation is apprehensible for the West. However continuation of old antiglobalization discourse by the intellectuals and political leaders of Turkey and other countries who have gained from the globalization processes raises the question whether they are aware of the new reality or not.

The lack of any pluralistic past of Europe:

One of the important reasons of a crisis in Europe is that the globalization processes and different identities, cultures and people belonging to different geographies are closer and visible. The people who belong to different geographies could be more “tolerable” when they were in their far away countries. However the situation differs when they are next door neighbours, colleagues, employers and workers. Because Europe does not have any tolerant, diverse and a pluralistic past. Europe’s experience of pluralism and diverse living is a matter of just last one Century. It is a mere yesterday for the historians of centuries.

Leaders with no vision:

Instead of putting forward a commonsense against rising extremist movements, the center right and center left parties in Europe embrace more marginal discourse fearing a vote loss. As a result the center right and center left parties embrace extremism instead of stopping the surge of neo-nazi and neo-fascist parties. As a result of this situation political power in Europe is drifting towards ultrarightist parties.

The effect of assimilated sections of society:

The people who took asylum in Europe after having problems with their native countries and the assimilated sections of society who do not have any social reciprocation but dominate political arena are significantly poisoning relations between the countries they came from and the countries they live in. On the other hand encouraged by Europe, these assimilated sections of society have been pursuing destructive approach against the immigrants in their country to legitimize their own position who want to contribute with their idetities and cultures to the society they live in. Reading the immigrants and the countries they came from over the assimilated sections of society encouraged by themselves has been converting Europe into more intolerant, more threatening, shallower and more introverted.

Besides assimilated legal sections of society the terrorist organizations from the countries source of immigrants embraced by the West itself are another element that poisons the European relations with these countries.

If the reasons for the European crisis can be explained as it has been mentioned above there is a greater hope that the crisis could be overcome in a short period of time. Because the above mentioned reasons are not the reasons that can be changed overnight. When they face this kind of crises from time to time only visionary leaders can pull their countries to a smooth platform. Unfortunately the number of visionary leaders and their effectiveness is gradually diminishing.

In this kind of situations educated people and intellectuals can play an important role. Is there sufficient awareness in European libralistic and pluralistic sections about how Europe can be pulled out of the crisis it has fallen in? It cannot be imagined that the luminaries of the old continent who have lived German Nazism and Italian Fascism are not aware of these developments. However the efforts of these sections are not on the level of stopping the crisis and turning it upside down. For this reason their voice is gradually being reduced. The votes of racist parties are continuously increasing. Freedoms areas are gradually narrowing. These areas are not being noticed and considered important because they have been narrowed for the immigrants and the Muslims for the time being.

Unfortunately, I am not so hopeful that Europe will be able to get out of the crisis it has fallen in, in a short period of time. I think bad days are waiting first of all for different people living in Europe and then Europe itself. I really want to be mistaken. I wish Europe will understand its mistake without a new World war. It will understand where its gradually darkening future and narrowing freedoms will drag it to. Despite all that let’s do our part. With our writings let’s continue to warn Europe about the crisis it has been facing, show it a way out and suggest a solution.


We presented an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL, Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...


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