The need for a “Moderate West”


The need for a “Moderate West”

Provided the lessons are extracted the science of history is substantially informative for the mankind. However unfortunately sufficient lessons are not extracted. Experiences, pains, deaths and cruelties of the past are forgotten very quickly.

We are presenting an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...

From the Wild West to the Moderate West

The West created two great wars during the last century for the sole purpose of nothing but colonization which caused perhaps more deaths, bloodshed and tears than any other wars in the history of mankind. Following the wars it extracted some lessons from the WWI and WWII again caused by itself and entered a phase of producing more value based policies especially in Europe. The policies based upon priorotized values of cooperation, sharing, freedoms, human rights and democracy shaped up in the European Union and brought a relative peace in Europe and the region.

From the Moderate West to the Wild West

However we have reached a point today where we are being transformed into an intimidation based World. The recent statements made by the United States, North Korea and Russia have virtually turned into a race of who has more chemical/nuclear bombs to destroy the opponent and who could press the button first.

From the standpoint of human rights, freedoms, pluralism, freedom of faith and respect for different lifestyles, the situation in the West has been gradually deteriorating. Opposition to Islam and immigrants is increasing each passing day. According to German Interior Ministry figures 915 attacks were made against the Muslims in 2017 ( 950 attacks in a year! You can estimate a World reaction if one percent of this ratio (9-10 attacks) is made against Christians or Jews in an Eastern, Latin or a Muslim country. Undoubtedly such a thing can absolutely never be desired. This contraction and attacks of the West should absolutely not become an example for the other geographies. The attacks on the Muslims in the West are unfortunately not peculiar to Germany only. When they occur in the West, they are silently passed over without a trouble. The people with different ways of life had never felt themselves under such a threat in the recent history of Europe and the United States of America.

While several Western countries are hardly giving asylum to the oppressed, helpless and refugees, they are virtually inviting for asylum the members of the murderers of mankind terrorist organizations like FETÖ, PKK and DHKPC who have committed all kind of murders in their own country. With the exception of some Western countries, is there any other country in the World who has become such a refuge for the terrorists? As a matter of fact I am curious..

On the other hand the voice of liberal, pluralist and democratic segments is gradually being throttled down in the West. The votes of racist, fascist and nazi parties are increasing rather than liberal, pluralist and democratic parties and these parties are sharing power in some countries. The leaders with lesser common sense and more intimidating to diversity, neighbours in their own society, their region and other countries are on the agenda in the West right now.

The Wild West or the end of history…

Just for a moment imagine if the management and control of the Western nuclear weapons and chemical bombs with a capacity to wipe off mankind passes into the hands of these extreme powers. How these weapons will be used in the hands of fanatic Western leaders who with their concepts like hatred, exclusion, otherization, discrimination and destruction rather than peace, cooperation, equality, justice, freedom and human rights do not see people even as human beings who do not think like themselves? Even its imagination is horrible. It is frightening. Although the weapons used in the WWI and WWII were not that terrible their destruction is obvious. If the destructive capacity of today’s weapons is considered the passing of these weapons into the hands of extreme Powers will probably be an invitation to the end of the World. Some of the futurists have even started to write articles like “To Take Doomsday from the hand of God” and “Forcing God’s Hand” to Armagedon.

Will these people stay put after they overcome this “danger” who consider it legitimate to exercise all kind of things against human rights, freedoms and universal values to destroy diversity in their countries today? History does not say that. Following the Jewish Genocide, what kind of a fire people with this mentality had dragged their countries and the region into is obvious.

The need for a Moderate West…

While the danger to be constituted by the Western trend is such an urgent and imminent “moderate Islam” is carried more to the agenda rather than “moderate West”. Moderate Islam is the topic of another article. Whereas radical developments in Europe and America are worrisome for everyone. These extremisms are not only threatening the concerned countries but also the whole World. In this sense loss of votes by center right and center left parties in Europe and a gradual diminishing of the voice of liberal, pluralist and democratic segments is not worrisome only for the future of Europe. We have seen it in the last century to what extent these radical Powers could brandish Europe after it surrenders to them. Therefore liberal and peace seeking segments should work together in the name of World peace for a moderate West.

We presented an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL, Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University regarding the matter...


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