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TRT 1 (Family Channel)

  • The mission of TRT-1 is to enhance people’s lives in Turkey through programs that inform, educate and entertain, all in one, as a wholesome endeavor. TRT-1, as a public broadcaster, targets a variety of audiences among which family has the priority, followed by a general public with a set of diverse attributes including age, occupation, education and status. TRT-1 aims in broadcasting to reinforce people’s sense of national unity and integrity as well as providing news and music for them.
  • TRT-1 broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports to education and arts along with commercial breaks.
  • TRT-1 centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT-2 (News, Arts & Culture)

  • TRT-2 aims to promote quality programming especially in the fields of culture and the arts, informing its audiences of authentic Turkish culture and arts as well as of contemporary world of arts and art trends. The Channel embraces the task of specifying the place of Turkish culture and arts within the broader universe of world culture and arts. It also has the task of contributing to the upbringing of the youth and children through helping them internalize the universal set of values in harmony with the values interwoven in the traditional Turkish culture and arts.
  • TRT-2 programs include education, culture (documentaries, arts and culture programs and debates), news (daily agenda, economics, arts and culture, news programs), sports, music (all kinds and tunes), drama (drama series, modern adaptations, select works from Turkish and World cinema, cartoons and series for children)
  • TRT-2 centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT-3 (Sports)

  • TRT-3 is particularly is designed to provide broad covering of sports activities and events.
  • TRT-3’s transmissions are realized through a time-share with TRT-GAP and Turkish Grand National Assembly TV. TRT-3’s programs mainly consist of sports, education, culture, music and news. Advertisements are allowed in the channel. Besides, TRT-3 broadcasts programs in vernaculars and dialects still practiced today in daily lives of Turkish people.
  • TRT-3 centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT-4 (Education)

  • TRT-4 aims to help student’s education through broadcasting the Open University courses along with non-formal education programs. The channel also meets the need for music programs.
  • TRT-4’s audience targets are students of secondary and higher education and most of the programs comprise of the Open University courses and non-formal education transmissions directed to that audience. The remaining tiny half of the broadcasting flow is filled with entertainment, music and culture programs with commercials.
  • TRT-4 centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT-G.A.P (The South-eastern Anatolia Project)

  • TRT-GAP has been established to enhance the recognition of The South-eastern Anatolia Project, abbreviated as GAP, on a rational ground which serves forming the necessary social, cultural and psychological environment in the region. Within this context, the Channel aims to meet the demands of those living in the East and Southeast Anatolia as well as inform them about the contributions resulting from the Project (GAP) to the region and the country at large.
  • TRT-GAP’s programs are especially produced by paying attention to both the needs and peculiarities of the East and Southeast Anatolia, consisting education, culture, drama, music programs and news with commercials.
  • TRT-GAP’s transmissions are realized through the same channel with the TRT-3 and TBMM TV (Turkish Grand National Assembly TV) on a time-share basis.
  • TRT-GAP centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TELEGUN (Tele-daily)

  • Telegün provides general public with information on updated news, weather forecast, sports, daily agenda, radio and television schedules, cultured & arts events, travel destinations and economics to be retrieved at any time from television sets through the teletext system.
  • Telegün broadcasts include commercials and bulletins.
  • Telegün’s teletext broadcasting is realized through the transmission networks of TRT-1, TRT-2 and TRT-INT
  • Telegün teletext centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT - Data-casting

  • Data-casting is the broadcasting of data containing stock market and other commercial and educational information gained from the agreements signed with information sources over a digital area in horizontal black spaces (known as the VBI, “vertical blanking intervals”) in TV transmissions.
  • Data-casting uses the transmission network of TRT-1 and TRT-2 upon the agreement made with state-run Anatolian Agency.
  • Data-casting centre is The Ankara Television under the responsibility of the Head of the News Department.



  • TRT-INT aims to provide a continuance of the ties of Turkish citizens living outside Turkey with Turkey and Turkish culture as well as promoting Turkey and Turkish people’s image in every sphere, enhancing the level of education and culture. The Channel is designed to act as a liaison for Turkish citizens living abroad by helping them in various problems they may face abroad; which is why, keeping them in touch with Turkish Republic while, for a better integrity, trying to get them accustomed to the culture they live in forms a significant task for TRT-INT.
  • TRT-INT’s schedule contains education, culture, drama, entertainment, music and sports programs and news with commercial breaks.
  • News takes place every hour on TRT-INT and some programs and commercials are being broadcast either in foreign languages or with subtitles when needed. Besides, some types of programs listed in a certain order can be watched by means of multi-language dubbing within DVB-S (digital) standards.
  • TRT-INT transmissions cover both domestic and international areas via satellite communication, of which Germany has the priority due to its dense Turkish population.
  •  TRT-INT centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.

TRT-TURK (The Turkic World)

  • TRT-TURK’s task is enhance the understanding of the possibilities Turkey and Turkic Republics may possess or take advantage of in various fields through the programs aiming at the Caucasus and Central Asia. The task is also promoting the image of Turkish people in a multi-dimensional way. TRT-TURK has been intended to become the Turkic World’s common channel. Within this framework, The Channel is planning to schedule programs produced by other Turkic Republics along with joint-productions.
  • TRT-TURK broadcast comprise education, culture, drama, entertainment, music programs and news with commercial breaks. If required, commercials in the indigenous languages of the countries are allowed within the scope of transmission.
  • TRT-TURK covers all Central Asian territories of Turkic peoples through satellite transmission.
  • TRT-TURK broadcasting medium is modern Turkish spoken in Turkey. Programs can be broadcast with the addition of subtitles in foreign languages or different dialects of Turkish. Besides, various types of programs listed systematically are being planned to be broadcast as reduplicated through the multi-language dubbing technique within the framework of DVB-S standards.
  • TRT-TURK centre of broadcasting is The Ankara Television.


TRT Children aims to be a domestic children’s channel which will be the number one choice of Turkish children from all around the world, with a high-quality, high-morality, modern, smiling, game-oriented content that will be realized by its domestic and international producers, writers, cartoonists, academicians and experts; who are all aware of the requirements of broadcasting for the children of our age.
In order to achieve this goal, TRT Chidren broadcasts democratising, dynamic, educative but non-deductic, game-oriented programs for the age groups 3 to 14 with a high priority of benefit and quality. The programs are of genres of animation, documentary, news, interactive competition, entertainment, cinema, education-culture, arts and drama.
TRT Children is broadcast through TRT-4’s UHF 54. channel for 14 hours between the hours of 07:00-21:00 (Turkish time)
Home of broadcast for TRT Children is TRT Istanbul TV

TRT-6 (Family Channel)

TRT-6 is broadcasting with the goal of Turkey’s unity and integrity, Turkey’s good international relationships especially with those in its immediate vicinity, and achievement of contemporary norms, to spectators of every age group, giving them both a sense of interactivity and trust.
TRT-6 broadcasts in a wide spectrum of genres; the content is comprised of children’s, youth, women’s, health, economy, drama, documentary, history, nature, sports, music, news, culture & arts, religion and entertainment programs. Being informative and entertaining is the common feature of all of them.
Turkey is one of the few countries to possess a rich variety of religions, languages, and cultures. It also possesses the dynamics that would enable it to easily preserve its integrity, thanks to its deep-rooted sense of togetherness which it has acquired through the course of history. Carrying this rich spectrum of colors to the screens is another goal of TRT-6.
Home of broadcasts : Ankara – Multi-lingual Channel Coordination Office

Satellite Parameters:
Turksat 3A
Frequency: 12685
H S.R. : 30000
FEC : 5/6

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